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Young carers 

Caring Fairly's recent research and policies indicate a specifically serious set of problems for young carers in Australia. All young carers need to be identified, and they must receive appropriate support - in the home, in schools, and in workplaces - to ensure that they are not economically and socially disadvantaged. 

We have found that young carers tend to leave school earlier and are less likely to be in the labour force or employed, compared to their non-carer peers. Some evidence suggests that young carers are more likely to receive income support at some stage after exiting Carer Payment. 

Our data shows that significantly fewer children with mental health caring responsibility attend school compared to other carers. Most alarmingly, almost 13% of children with mental health caring responsibility aged 5-14 are not attending school. This compares to 100% school attendance for other categories of children with caring responsibilities in this age group, and 95.7% school attendance for all other children.

Throughout 2019, Mind Australia together with other Caring Fairly coalition members will be embarking on a major piece of applied research to better understand the policy responses needed. For more information about this research, please get in touch with us here.  


Young Carers Network logoCarers Australia's Young Carers Network is a fantastic resource for young cares. It includes information on: 

  • Where to find support services for you 
  • Guide to young carer events 
  • Applications for financial advice 
  • Stories from other young carers 

Find it here: